Duty of care

Standard of Service/Duty of Care

Standard of Service/Duty-of-Care –

Alliance Limousine operates according to processes and procedures developed and tested over time so as to consistently deliver the highest standard of safety and service quality to its clients and customers.

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Alliance Limousine’s duty-of-care policy is a broad-spectrum program that goes well beyond the basics of safe operations. Our duty-of-care policy covers everything from the maintenance of vehicles and the vetting of chauffeurs to being on time (Alliance procedures require a vehicle arrive at a pick-up location 15 minutes before scheduled pick up) and having the proper supplies in the vehicle to complete the trip. Our Standard-of-Care policies cover the conduct and demeanor of Alliance Limousine employees and contractors, particularly reservations staff and chauffeurs, also the state of its vehicles in terms of appearance, cleanliness, orderliness and comfort.

We operate in a way that will positively and memorably separate us from our competition. We work to assure that our Standard-of-Care/Duty-of-Care philosophy, policies and procedures remain in place and continue to be relevant and effective to clients, customers, our employees and contractors.